Wang Youdao now has the next step,He put down what he was holding,Then I turned around and walked to the side of the big kang。He glanced at his angry father,Smiled slightly:“dad!I know i’m not doing well,But you have to understand me,High place,Son’s job is not good!”

“dad!It’s my fault。Youdao busy at work,under pressure。I’m still holding him back,The child should also take time to take care of it,Thus,Even if he wants to go home, there is no time”Niu Huiling meets the needle,Hurriedly played the family card。
When I heard that Wang Youdao had to take care of his grandson,Wang Degui’s anger won’t strike,Do you say this is a home?They don’t know if Wang Youdao is married,Even have a grandson,Also heard on the phone。
“Ouch!You are all here,What about my grandson?”Chen Yueqin quickly changed the subject。
Niu Huiling smiled and said:“mom,Don’t worry,I took it to my mom”
Mention of grandson,The atmosphere in the house suddenly eased a lot。Niu Huiling just sat down,Wang Youdao dare not sit,Always standing in front of dad’s big pit。
At this moment,Song Fang came in,She laughed and said:“Second brother is coming,Why come so late?”
Wang Youdao quickly turned around and said:“One is that the unit has a lot,Second, I don’t want more people to know that I’m back in Pingdu。Especially if I came back when I was injured,Will cause more trouble”
“Then you have to change your surname,You can have your wife’s last name。In this case, you have nothing to do with our family,It won’t drag you down anymore”Wang Degui suddenly shouted at Wang Youdao。
Listen to Niu Huiling,My face changed,She said with a cry:“dad!what do you mean?I never let Youdao change his surname,Including children。You say so,Really wronged us”
“He knows whether he is wronged。I raised him,For him to read。He’s good,Once I got a job,Don’t recognize this family,Once you have a wife,I don’t know he was born to his parents”Wang Degui is furious,More and more excited。
Wang Youdao knows he is wrong,Hurry up and signal Niu Huiling to shut up。
“dad!Second brother, they are all here,We don’t bring such,The past is past。Second brother!Have you been to the hospital!”at this time,Only Song Fang dared to speak。