But Li Tianchou’s mind is very clear,He judged it was intentional by the opponent,Because the breathing sound disappears unnaturally,The cruel training and several life and death combats in the past gave him valuable experience,Made him very sure of his judgment——The other party is deceiving。

Maybe the other party had to do it,Obviously there is a gun,But no further action,Explain that the injury is serious,So I dare not move blindly。And the wretched man knows very well,Just one shot didn’t completely solve the opponent,The best way is to die,Lure the opponent to expose。
The two held each other for a while,No action,I couldn’t wait until the other party showed his flaws。But Li Tianchou suddenly noticed something strange behind his body,Although there is no obvious sound,But there is an invisible murderous aura,Someone is getting closer here,The mad king finally moved。
This makes Li Tianchou nervous,If you don’t solve the wretched man immediately,He will take the enemy。But there is no good chance to do it right now,The main disadvantage is the lack of guns,After all, the speed of the body is not comparable to a bullet。
Facing these two abnormal masters,Li Tianchou was helpless,In a hurry,He suddenly remembered when he was a security guard chasing the murderer,Confuse each other with leather shoes,Say you can’t repeat the same trick,Let’s make another noise。He pulled his five fingers,Gradually loose the shoes。
at the same time,Suddenly lively in the field more than a hundred meters away,From time to time there is a rapid running sound,It was accompanied by the clattering sound of the vegetation being hit,Seems more and more intense。Li Tianchou realized that Zhu Lei must have encountered each other。
As he expected,Zhu Lei and each other quickly figured out where they are hiding。But everyone is nervous,I don’t know if there is any other ambush,So I didn’t dare to take it rashly。So guerrilla running and chasing have become the main temptation methods for several people.。
No problem with the trial,Everyone is equal,So started to chase fiercely,The movement and sound have become unscrupulous,It has evolved from being wordy and wordy,But the four have not really played head-to-head。
Zhu Lei is very smart,Not in a hurry to fight each other,He wanted to quickly approach the place where the gun shot just now,It’s best to find Li Tianchou and join him。But the other party’s intention is the opposite,To ensure that the mad king succeeds as soon as possible,The two tried their best to stop Zhu Lei and the ladyboy,And look for opportunities to start。
at last,The big man can’t run,He is panting,The temper is up too,Seeing Zhu Lei and the ladyboy bypass him and outflank their companions,So he roared and shot。“boom”A loud noise,Open the silent night sky again,Completely broke the weird、Tense atmosphere。
Li Tianchou, who was holding each other in the dark, was shocked,But the response varies。The mad king immediately determined that it was his own looting,I was so angry that I swear in my heart,At the same time, ready to deal with sudden changes;The patience of the wretched man is beyond imagination,He just changed a little in his expression,But the body did not make any changes,Sure enough, it’s a calm snake。
But in Li Tianchou’s eyes, the death date of this poisonous snake is just before his eyes,The gunfire gave him a rare opportunity,It can be said to be a cut-off。He took advantage of the loud noise to shake his calf decisively,The shoes on my feet flew out suddenly,Go to the pile of wormwood。Subsequently,Li Tianchou flew out from the haystack like a cheetah。
Just when the shoes are falling,The wretched man finally couldn’t control his intense nerves and pulled the trigger,Another loud noise,After the fire flashed,When his eyes had just a short visual blind spot,Li Tianchou has arrived like a ghost。
Man horrified,Suddenly the right hand holding the gun seemed to touch the coal,With the click,Man feels severe pain,But it’s not time to shout,I saw the opponent’s right hand like a knife,Severely chopped on his carotid artery,Instantaneous consciousness。
at the same time,Li Tianchou noticed a strong wind on his back,Extremely fast,He even felt the coldness of his skin after touching the opponent’s blade,No need to think,The mad king has walked behind him like a shadow。
The opponent’s blade is sharp,Can’t hard touch for now,Li Tianchou jumped forward fiercely,I turned my head and saw the ugly and evil face of the Mad King,Enemy meets extremely jealous,Neither of them answered,Because each is familiar with each other。
Li Tianchou landed on both feet,Feel the pain like a split back,This knife seems to have taken a lot,But too late to think,One hand has been raised quickly。The mad king who wanted to pounce again was shocked,I don’t know what the other party threw,He immediately took a step diagonally,Avoid sideways,But didn’t find anything,Can’t help but become angry。
Li Tianchou took this opportunity to kick out with his right leg,The mad king is not fooled,Instead of avoiding or avoiding, bullying forward,Left hand short knife,The right daggers interlaced each other to protect the chest,Seemingly defensive,Offense,Completely desperate posture。