Fang Yu has rotated many times in the past three years,But I haven’t been to the operating room once。

This is Fang Yu’s regret!
Only this time,Doctor Qiu’s request。
Make Fang Yu a bit difficult!
“That’s bad……I dare not get the knife!”
Doctor Qiu frowned。
If Fang Yu dare not help,He had to give up this operation。
But the hospital,In addition to his removal of the tumor, there are some levels,Other doctors don’t want to do it。
“perhaps,You can take me to see some perfect stitches first!”
Fang Yu Shen said。
“Hug,Can you make it?”
Doctor Qiu wondered。
Fang Yu would not think,Finished watching the video,You can get everything done?
Fang Yu Shen said。
“it is good,You follow me……”
immediately,Doctor Qiu came to his desk。
Got oneUplate,Turned on the computer。