@ All citizens This network security all the event opened today

Original title: How to prevent online dating "Kill Pig Past" scam today? How to prevent telecom fraud? Is the network brush single legal? The elderly is always worried about mobile phone network security, can you help check? The annual national network security event is coming again! From now on, these issues have an answer in 2021, the public experience activities of Chengdu National Network Security Propaganda Week. From October 11th to 13th, the theme of "network security is the people, network security by the people" theme, 2021 Chengdu national network security publicity week public experience activities will be held in the Hui Hang Square of Chengdu High-tech Zone, for the majority The citizens have a new online security knowledge carnival in ancient and modern, fun, opening and sharing, and the people. Bring your mobile phone, Yaxin security will conduct a network security experience on the spot, and the public can intuitively understand which network security issues that may exist, Yaxin security engineers will answer questions on the spot.

China Telecom will show off the latest "black technology" products such as safety line, magic mirror, and clouds, so that the broad masses of the people will worry-free online.

China Mobile brings anti-fraud video, game, anti-knowledge question and answer, etc.

Police official live broadcast PK, "Net Red Rong Police" – Chengdu Public Security explains the new telecommunications network fraud method, and improve the people’s anti-fraud awareness. Setally sugar information is the new form of online fraud for public science, and install anti-fraud small procedures for public welfare, and long-standing the safety of citizens.

In the network report and the rumor area, the public will be popularized with the types and reporting methods of the Internet’s poor and illegal information, and build a clear network space.

  This year’s event site is located in the bustling business district of Chengdu High-tech Zone, the scene, the scene, the popular VR, radio, ancient wind, market, open class, coffee cart, etc., as if the network security "Garden will".

In order to facilitate more public people to participate, the first time sets the activity time to 12: 00-19: 30 daily, the public can participate in the garden card, just pick up the card number at the entrance, one by one, can win coffee, sugar painting , Dolls and other prizes.

According to Chengdu (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Luo Wei) sharing more people to see.