After the positive response to the twin challenges of ensuring a large epidemic disaster disaster no major epidemic

Xinhua News Agency, Zhengzhou, August 7 – To thoroughly implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang Prime Minister to implement the instructions required, 6 pm, the CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier Sun Chunlan went to Xinxiang City, Henan Province to guide post-disaster epidemic prevention and control work .

Sun Chunlan came Xinxiang Medical and Yucai Kindergarten two settlements affected people Weihui field research, to convey the CPC Central Committee, State Council condolences to the cadres and the masses, to encourage people to help in the care of the party and the government, strengthen confidence and rebuild homes and resume normal life.

At present, Henan Province, is in a critical period of reconstruction, we are facing new pressure crown epidemic prevention and control of pneumonia. Sun Chunlan pointed out that to insist on post-disaster reconstruction and epidemic prevention and control integration forward, the main responsibility for the implementation of strict closure management, with treatment and prevention and control of power supplies, while ensuring basic health services needs of the masses, but also guard against the risk of epidemic input.

Relatively dense settlements personnel to conduct regular full nucleic acid screening, strengthening health monitoring, implementation of the epidemic prevention and control measures fall fine, and resolutely prevent the outbreak.

To strengthen health knowledge propaganda and guide the affected people wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and often ventilation, good personal protection.

Sun Chunlan stressed that after the floods, epidemics of intestinal infectious diseases can easily occur. To adhere to prevention, deeply patriotic public health campaign to strengthen the management of environmental sanitation and disinfection to eliminate mosquitoes and breeding of germs as possible. To do water quality testing and food hygiene inspection, so that the people of drinking water, food safety is guaranteed. To strengthen the affected people psychological counseling to help resolve "trouble worry hope" problem. To organize post-disaster epidemic prevention risk assessment, to strengthen the intestinal, respiratory, insect-borne and other communicable diseases surveillance and control, to ensure that no major epidemic big disaster.

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