Bank of China issued a common prospective demonstration zone action plan to support Zhejiang high-quality development construction

At the meeting, Chen Huaiyu, the vice president of Bank of China officially released the "Bank of China to support the Zhejiang High Quality Development Construction Common Demonstration Zone Action Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "Action Plan").

The "Action Plan" surrounded the construction of new development patterns, regional coordination, ecological civilization construction, social people’s livelihood reform, etc. A strategic positioning "and" four-pool first three-US "construction goal, fully highlighting the determination and strength of financial institutions support Zhejiang high-quality development and building a common prospective demonstration zone.

According to the "Action Plan", Bank of China will continue to increase the credit support of Zhejiang region and "14th Five-Year Plan" period to provide no less than one trillion new intent financing support for Zhejiang; increase research investment, promote innovative products in Zhejiang First try, provide more diverse, more convenient one-stop financial services; increase resource investment, strengthen the recruitment of county agencies, especially mountains 26 counties and districts, and jointly provide integration services for the government; Improve the response speed of funds, and improve the full process of credit service.

The relevant person in charge of Bank of China said that the release of the "Action Plan" marked with the new level of Zhejiang and China Banking and Silver Cooperation. Bank of China strive to lead the demonstration role in financial peers and guide financial resources to the demonstration zone. Collective; Bank of China will provide more support, follow-up, and joint development, digital economy, Zhejiang trade, development, rural rejuvenation, etc. Promote the "action plan" effectively and implemented.

At the press conference, the Bank of China and some government departments and large enterprises have conducted a key project signing. BOC Group Investment Co. China Bank Zhejiang Branch and the Second Phase of China and Guangguang Cangnang Nuclear Power and Zhejiang Province Signed a Project Cooperation Agreement.

In order to enable more people to enjoy quality financial services, Bank of China has launched a series of special products.

At the press conference, the relevant personnel of the bank have focused on "Green Bond (Carbon Neutts)" "Carbon Huilings" "Beautiful Village Smart Village Management Platform (Ecological Green Gas Station)" "Financial Minsheng Internet Cloud Platform" Specialty products such as "Rural Replete Wealth".