Zhan Mei missed the Lakers can win streak, thanks to the two broke out

“Zhan Mei” missed the Lakers can win streak, thanks to the two broke out
James and Anthony Davis were sidelined at the same time this season, back to back against the recent hot thunder, the result was somewhat unexpected, the Lakers’ winning streak continued.Today, the Lakers challenged the Thunder away. Kuzma made 15 of 24 shots. He scored 36 points and 7 rebounds. He scored a new high in two consecutive games. Rondo also played well, contributing 21 points and 12 rebounds.Eight assists, full of hearts, and the Lakers eventually defeated their opponents 125 to 110, while winning 8 consecutive victories, while continuing to lead the West with 32 wins and 7 losses.The Lakers’ recent injuries and injuries must be properly adjusted.Anthony Davis contusion of the gluteus maximus, this campaign is the second consecutive absence. Danny Green has a sore shoulder, and this game is also free from the game. Even James has been infected with flu. After insisting on illness yesterday,Choose a truce today.Kuzma refreshed the season’s highest score in two consecutive games.Video screenshots, however, Kuzma, Rondo, Pop and other players who replaced their main positions live up to expectations.Especially Kuzma, who defeated the Lone Ranger yesterday, Kuzma scored a new season high of 26 points, regained the trust of the coaching staff, this campaign has become the team ‘s most important firepower point, with an excellent feel, refreshed the season.Wonderful record.Rondo also has a stop-and-go stop this season, most of the time, playing the role of a substitute.This game is only the second season of the season as the starter. In direct dialogue with the opponent’s star guard Paul, there was no downfall, resulting in 16 points, 5 rebounds, 8 assists, personal data was suppressed by Rondo.Statistics show that, in addition to Kuzma and Rondo, the Lakers also have Pop, Howard, Daniels, Cook, Caruso around 5 pairs, which shows the current depth of the Lakers.If you only look at the overall performance of this game, James and Anthony Davis may feel relieved.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Liu Jun