In terms of force value alone,A few people don’t think He Hongyuan has any advantages,But when it comes to wealth,He Hongyuan’s financial resources can put himself at risk of destroying the door。

The office becomes quiet again,He Hongyuan also began to think,Do you want to call Yan Zhengyi?。
But what He Hongyuan didn’t know was,He is hesitant to notify Yan ZhengyiiWhen solving Gao Lan’s trouble,Three men are already walking towards the floor he rented with Gao Lan。
“Mr,You can’t enter without a work license,You can’t even take the elevator,We are all controlled by the chip。”
The security is trying to explain,But Xiang Chen and the group of four,Don’t listen at all。
The poor security has followed them all the way from the first floor to the twelfth floor,When talking,Gasping slightly,But Xiang Chen and the others did not change their faces,All anxious。
The security guard panted and followed Xiang Chen and the others,Doubts in my heart,Forget the other three men,This woman beside,Just by looking at it, she knows that her cardiopulmonary function has reached its limit,But what is she still insisting on?
The security guard silently prayed to Xiang Chen that one of the four of them could stop,I have tried my best to stop,It’s also time to stop for a while。
“What do you guys do?”
After reaching the twelfth floor,The security guard was pleasantly surprised to find that the few people who have been unreasonable have no intention of climbing stairs,Heard the sudden questioning,The security guards who followed Xiang Chen suddenly felt,These big guys on the twelfth floor,There is also a cute side。
I can finally find a gap to rest for a while,The security guard kept panting,I didn’t want to say a word for a long time,Thinking about things between them,Let them solve by themselves!
Seeing someone pulling and pulling at the door of their company,After being taught by He Hongyuan, the few big guys also had their spirits instantly。Can’t resist his boss,Isn’t it okay to bully passersby??
Several people marched menacingly towards the security guard,But when I saw Gao Lan,A few people couldn’t help but laugh。
“Who i thought it was?Put on clothes,Almost didn’t recognize it!”
Someone made fun of,Then many people recognized Gao Lan,It was indeed what my companion said,Gao Lan after putting on clothes,They really almost didn’t recognize it。
No communication,So everyone can understand each other’s intentions,People who let go because of last night’s exhaustion,I suddenly appeared in front of my eyes today,This kind of lost and regained joy is still very good。
For Gao Lan’s sentence like a vicious dog“Where is my daughter?”,The laughter of a few people is even more unscrupulous。
I don’t know who answered,“I don’t know if it’s life or death!”,The subsequent voice stopped abruptly。
Xiang Chen’s palm is pressing half of his head,I don’t know that this person’s skull is too hard,Or the building materials of this building are too sloppy,I just tried hard,The guy who reached out to push himself was pushed into the wall by himself。
“His voice is a bit noisy,I do not really like,Sorry!”