I can understand the Chui Lian listen to politics so fresh and refined,You are no more。Chen Geng can’t laugh or cry:“What you are talking about is called Chui Lian Tingzheng,but……Be the shadow mayor?I never thought about it,I’m not crazy。”

Paused,Chen Gengzheng:“Support for mayor candidate。Work with a mayor,It’s one thing to get something for yourself,American capitalists do this,This is the political ecology of the United States,No one thinks something is wrong,But a mayor?Even Detroit’s three major auto giants would not do this,If i dare to do that,The first one going crazy is the federal government——I just hope my business goes smoother,Ok,In addition, you can protect your own interests when necessary,Nothing more。”
Rosemary took a deep look at Chen Geng:Nothing more?
But no matter what,She finally let go,As long as Fernandez has no ideas that he shouldn’t have:“OK,The Detroit branch of United Community Bank will hold a celebration reception in the near future,I will let Reinstoff invite Alex·Goodrich participates,Then i、Mr. Lauder and others will be there,I will solemnly introduce you to Alex on behalf of United Community Bank·Goodrich。”
This favor from United Community Bank has gone!
Chen Geng immediately responded:“Miss Rosemary,Thank you very much for everything you have done for me,I won’t guarantee you too much,But what I can guarantee is,From now on,Associated Press Community Bank will be Fernandez’s first priority cooperative bank。”
Rosemary is waiting for Chen Geng’s words,She is in a good mood,Asked with a smile:“you are welcome,Are we partners,correct,How are you thinking about that manor??”
“honestly,I feel a little stressed,”Chen Geng does not deny this:“The cost of maintaining such a manor is too high。”
“indeed,”Rosemary admits this too:“But I don’t think it’s a bad thing,Such a manor is of great help to your social life in the upper class of Detroit,This can’t be bought for much money,And you must know,In everyone’s opinion,Can afford such a manor,Itself is the best proof of your strength,As for funding,At the current level of profitability of your business,Are you worried about this expense?”
This is,Just like in the 80s and 90s,Those domestic bosses tried every means to buy a good car to prove their strength.,Detroit,There are not necessarily rich people who own a manor10A,If you own a manor,Undoubtedly it sent its own signal to the upper class of Detroit。
Although Chen Geng has no doubt that United Community Bank will stab himself in times of difficulty,But now,What they did is really helping themselves。Thought of this,Chen Geng no longer hesitates:“OK,Just do that。”
As for Rosemary’s exemption,Chen Geng is welcome:Is the money delivered to the door difficult or not??
Rosemary smiled with a thumbs up:“a wise decision。”
Chen Geng,Suddenly thought of something:“Miss Rosemary,How about putting your activity in my manor?”
“Ok?”Rosemary hesitated,Eyes suddenly light up:“You mean……”
“Yes,”Chen Geng’s smiling way:“Take this opportunity to tell that Alex·Mr. Goodrich, show me my strength。”
“OK!There is no better suggestion than this。”Rosemary agreed without a word,Just a favor,Not to mention that this reception was originally held for Chen Geng:“But if you are so anxious,The price may be……”
“try your best,It’s okay if you can’t drop too much。”Since I am in a hurry,Chen Geng didn’t expect to get a cheap price,But compared to the next use of this manor,It is not unacceptable to make some concessions in price。
With Chen Geng’s words,Rosemary is completely relieved,She said immediately:“OK,I immediately coordinate with Mellon Bank,Fight for you to move in tomorrow,Also if you have time,We can go and see now。”