Xia Jian smiled and said:“Typical lumbar disc herniation,Because the intervertebral disc protrudes to the back of the vertebral body,The posterior longitudinal ligament is stimulated、Peripheral nerve,Which causes low back pain、Backache。Is that so?“Xia Jian said,Asked Lao Xiao。

Old Xiao smiled and nodded:“Nothing wrong,Looks like you really can see a doctor,I don’t know how good your treatment is?“
“dad!You can’t cheat with Xia Jian,Otherwise, I won’t send you to the hospital when you get back pain“Xiao Xiao threatened Old Xiao like a child。
Old Xiao Haha smiled and said:“Can this fool someone?Really a silly girl“Old Xiao said,He really walked over,Climbed on the three-seater sofa。
Xia Jianchong and Xiao Xiao smiled slightly:“You and Fang Fang come over and help,One to hold Mr. Xiao’s feet,One grabbed Mr. Xiao’s shoulders with both hands,Straighten the body hard“
Xiao Xiao didn’t speak this time,But she still didn’t believe it。Fang Fang is obedient,She walked over,He grabbed Old Xiao’s shoulder with both hands。Xiao Xiao, a little helpless, had to use both hands to hold Old Xiao’s feet。
Xia Jian lifted Lao Xiao’s coat,Force on the right hand,First follow the middle seam of Old Xiao’s shoulder,Scraped off hard,Old Xiao couldn’t help it*With a。
“What’s the matter dad!Is it painful?“Xiao Xiao asked nervously,After all, Xia Jian can treat people,She saw it for the first time。She’s worried about 10,000 people。
Old Xiao took a breath and said:“Really comfortable,Your kid has such a good technique,Why didn’t you tell me earlier?It really made me suffer so many days of sin“
Xia Jian didn’t answer Lao Xiao’s question,But put both hands on Old Xiao’s waist at the same time,He stroked,Suddenly asked hard:“Is it a special pain here??“
“Yes indeed!This place“When Old Xiao speaks,The voice trembles a bit。
Xia Jianchang took a breath and said:“Bear with me,It won’t hurt in a while。You two try hard,Use as much force as possible,It’s best to use all the milk“Xiao Xiao heard Xia Jian say this,I couldn’t help but glared at Xia Jian。
When Xia Jian said something, he felt something wrong,In front of two big beauties,What kind of milk did he bring?!Really boring。If Xiao Xiao is upset,Must scold him to death。
Woman’s mind,Men never understand,Xiao Xiao didn’t provoke him anymore,But with Fang Fang,Pulled Old Xiao’s body away。