“Ha ha,Then your strength is just so”Can be described as countless“”Taunting。

“Ok,Although you are so poisonous,but”Zhang Song said solemnly。
“but what”“”Asked。
“but I like it”Zhang Song finally gasped and said。
“Shit hurry up next”“”Gave Zhang Song a big white eye。
“girl,One day I will let you look up to me,Be careful not to answer me today,I can’t afford you tomorrow”Zhang Song approached“”Said in front of。
“Why is there still a fragrance?”Zhang Song was convinced that he had a scent of white peony flowers。
“roll”Official event staff of The Fool“”Scolded。
in fact,I can’t blame Zhang Song,Battle for Honor is different from other games,No legend“Fire Kirin”Can go to sell,Its paid content is more about some additional services of the game。
There is no free dinner,Especially the capitalists who make games also need to support their families,But the brilliance of Fool’s Company is,It does not directly package and pay for the playable content of the game or implement season pass payment,But to make the paid content in the game closer to life。
Such as player’s clothing,Divided into battle clothing and life clothing,Combat clothing has a corresponding resistance bonus,But can only be worn in battlefield matches;And when socializing in the lobby,Players can directly scan their own clothing and wear them into the game。on the one hand,As a male player, you can feast your eyes on the elegance of female players,Greatly deepen the realism of the game,Blurred the boundaries with the real world。on the other hand,Reduced the possibility of shemales in the game,After all, the clothing of the body is almost the same as in the real world,Even the sound is without loss of fidelity,For some players who are not interested in the game,Here is still a lost paradise。
What is the real charge
Due to technical limitations,The internal design of the game cabin is difficult to guarantee the normal situation of fresh air,Preserve the smell of the player’s body。on the one hand,These smells are not all positive,It may also be the smell of the player’s sweat,on the other hand,Even if the scent that the player wants to retain is collected through analysis technology,It is also difficult to restore the true taste of the smell itself in the game。
Instead of struggling to break through the technology and master the player’s psychological preferences。Fool’s company adopted a more direct approach in the game,Is to allow players to buy perfume。
These perfumes are not the smell of ordinary electronic synthetic fragrances,It is an authorized perfume of a world-renowned perfume brand with genuine authenticity

For example, the top ten traditional brands Chanele、Diordior、Lancomene、Guerlaingueriou、Burberryburberry、Lena Lizirii、Armaniarari,There are many rare joint customized models,Past games are just games,Who can think of embedding luxury goods in games?