“Now you can rest assured.?

I won’t go to the alarm.,I just want to listen to your story.,Story is wonderful,True is high,The chance of life is bigger,If you lie lie,Then there’s no way,Dissatisfied,Not satisfied with eighteen is indeed not enough sentence,But I didn’t say that others can’t do you.?”
Li Hui has directly dragged the strong boy from the age of 14.。
Then I put it directly on my ankle.。
With the power of Li Hui’s feet,The teenager is directly hiring.。
“Not dare,I don’t dare.,Let me let me.。”
“hehe,I don’t ask you, you dare.,I ask you how to have a conscience.,Do you want to think about not telling the truth,Do not tell the truth”Li Hui’s foot is suddenly increased,With a bone voiced sound,Li Hui Feng quickly moved his foot。
But at this time, the strong teenage of the dissatisfied team is straightforward.。
I saw that Li Hui’s slow moved toward them.,There are still some proud of teenagers.,It’s thoroughly scared.。
Although they are not people,Although they are not as good as animals,But even if you are also be afraid of the beast.,Just like a dog that is a fantastic dog,As long as it is,狠 打 打,Next time, it is definitely a tail.,Not Yaowu Yaowei。
“do not come,do not come。”
“hehe,Can,Now you talk about what you committed.。”
Li Hui said with the wind.,Take out the phone to start recording。
“What we really have to do?,Is a school flower,In addition to the school flowers really have。”
I saw that Li Hui’s moment took out the phone.,For the convenience, I have to understand what I have to do with the wind.,I didn’t do it when I was biting.。
But they were underestimated by Li Hui’s resistance and livestock.。
“All right,You don’t have to answer,Because you only have a chance。”
Say,Li Hui Feng did not hesitate to step on the other leg in front of the front.。
This scene scared another teenager directly。
Even him, I don’t know that I have been scared.。
“The following rounds to you.,If you don’t tell the truth today?,So no one wants to leave。”
“I say,I say,I said。”
“School flowers are just the most common thing we do.,We are still robbing in school,Bullocate,Establish a gang,And still”Hear here,Li Hui Feng knows that the other party must hide。
“As long as you have a chance,Don’t say the result, you should know。”
“Also forced female students to go out with us to make money,Also interrupting the hands and feet of the classmates, also robbing in the bar”A provision of sin is as fast as the beans in the juvenile mouth.。
Li Hui Feng was shocked from the beginning to the last straight numbness.,He can’t believe that these teenagers can actually make so many wicked things.。
The other party actually admitted that you want to take Xu Ru to then you and you will enjoy it.,Shoot video threats。
This way, the idea of metamorphosis makes Li Hui’s straight without any nonsense.,STRI in each person。
As for the time,That is to watch luck.。
After all, the death of these things should also provoke some unclean things.。
Two teenagers looking at previous coma,Li Hui Feng did not let two people,Directly in the two people to abolish their legs。
“You have a few of my hands.,Because you have destroyed too many people’s life。”
Say this,Li Hui has directly called Song Ting.。
Song Ting did not expect that Li Hui Feng actually will so.,Every time I call her, I seem to have a case.,She doubts that Li Fah is a private detective.。
Otherwise, how can it be broken so quickly?。
Just when she rushed to the scene,But is it a glimpse?,She also finally understood why Li Focus why she would come soon.,Because these few teenagers are obviously used by cruel ways to be dishented.。
And this method,Song Ting didn’t have to guess and know that Li Hui is dry.,After all, she has already seen Li Hui’s use of these means.。