“boss,what happened?Did you eat something bad。”

Song Shihe is very concerned about to come over to help him caress his back。
“Don’t come here……”
Waiting to take the heat away from the eyes,Everything I see returns to normal。
“I’m all right,You all go to work。”
After Chen Xiu sent everyone away,,I tried to see through the cabinet with perspective,Ceramics。
“Sent!Sent!See-through eyes,What bike do i need?Go directly to Australia Island or Las Vegas in the US,I can see through all the cards。
A gambler、The gambler is me!”
53 Sequelae
Chen Xiu hasn’t finished dreaming about going to the casino with perspective to kill the Quartet,Suddenly feel my head sinking,Black eyes,The whole person is weak,Slid off the stool and fell to the ground。
Huzi and the others hurried over and helped him up。
“Tiger,What happened to the boss?”
Huzi first opened his eyelids and looked at his pupils,I took his pulse again:“It should be two consecutive nosebleeds and vomiting for a while, too weak……stone,You go to the nearby pharmacy to buy some creatinine or glucose back。”
“it is good。”
After Song Shihe came out,Huzi directly pinched Chen Xiu’s thumb,After a while, Chen Xiu woke up leisurely,It’s just that I can’t tell you。