“Hahaha Xiaoli,Do you talk to your grandfather? Isn’t it hurt??

You will put down the vegetables.,At that time you said a few,I will give you a few days.,Guaranteed the most fresh meals to give you good。”
Facing Liu Yuming’s enthusiasm,Li Hui Feng is also sorry.。
“Hey-hey,uncle,I want to learn two hands with you.,By the way, I can cook my me.。”
sure,You have time this afternoon?”
I also want to learn to cuisine, I also want to learn to be vegetable.,Liu Zhiming is happy to be happy.,After all, he has always been very good to Li Hui。
Moreover, his own thing,Nothing,He sometimes feels some helplessness.。
Li Hui is so saying,Liu Zhiming did not say that directly took Li Hui to the kitchen.。
Liu Xu is still talking about Li Hui, saying that Li Hui is taken away.,The heart is also an urgent。
Originally, she still wants to give Li Hui’s hint.,Go to Li Hui Feng at night,Or let Li speak with the wind to find her。
The result is hints yet.,Li Hui Hui went to the kitchen,The old man is still behind.,This makes her heart more difficult.。
In the kitchen,Liu Zhiming laughs:“Xiao Li,Want to do a good dish,That is to work from the knife.,I will give you a demonstration.,What is cut,And fine silk。”
Now Liu Zhiming handles,Take a knife,There is also the distance between the back and the knife,How to move back quickly and then don’t hurt your hand, give a detailed explanation.。
Li Hui Feng saw Liu Zhiming’s technique,Suddenly I feel similar to some of the resensus of some of the drugs before.。
“Come,you try。”
See yourself sliced, like a silky cucumber,Liu Zhiming is very satisfied。
“it is good。”
Li Hui Feng took a knife,It’s just nod to agree.,I started to cut it directly.。
A shot,Let Liu Zhiming are shocked.,Because Li speaks so far than him.,It’s better than him.。
“Xiao Li,You won’t be a happy master.?
You haven’t learned this?”
Looking at Li Rui is better than him.,Liu Zhiming suddenly felt that Li Pei’s wind is like him.。
However, I looked at Li Hui’s look of serious shocking.,He feels unlikely。
“uncle,I am really the first time.,Just these these I always feel like I know,And I often take medicine,Cutting medicine,Follow the rhythm,Then cut into this way.。”
“Xiao Li,You are a genius.,If you don’t learn a chef, it’s a pity.,Come,Grandpa teaches you with vegetables,Then teach you how to get a taste,This component is 啥,But just like you.,How much can you feel when you start?”Li Hui Feng originally just wants to learn a dish.,I didn’t expect Li Zhi Ming to drag directly to learn an afternoon.。
Until the evening,Liu Zhiming let him go out of the kitchen,But this afternoon,He has studied a seven or eight eights that have already made what to do.。
Liu Zhiming looks at the dish in the kitchen,Some can’t believe this is a novice。
Li Hui’s use of salt or taste,Although the operation is not standard,But the component used is definitely just right.。
Even the fire control has also been following him.。
According to Li Hui’s saying, it is the same as the Chinese medicine.,To pay attention to the fire,The extent of the fire control is also learned early.。
As for the use of salty salts, the same as the Chinese medicine is,Dare must be accurate。
Looking at the back of Li Hui,Liu Zhiming’s complexity,He didn’t know that he didn’t matter if Li Hui Feng is a vegetable master.,After all, I learned a seven or eight eight in a afternoon.。