“Humph,Waiting for yourself asking your son.,do not ask me。”

Wang Jing is still thinking about the choice of Zhou Miao seedlings or Qin Ya Ya,There is also a Xu Yingying,But I haven’t waited for her to make a choice.,Li Hui actually brought back one。
How can this endure?。
Li Hui Listed the mother’s words,Immediately know the misunderstanding,But when he wants to chase out,But I don’t know how to explain.。
soon,Xu Ruzhen came out。
“breeze,I’m going back,Waiting for my sister to contact you again.。”
Xu Ru, the low head of the peach, go straight toward the village.。
See the other side,Li Hui also hurriedly,Want to send each other。
Just when he just opened the door, he met an acquaintance.,This person is not someone is the Dong Xiajian encountered in the past few days.。
Li Hui Feng did not expect Dong Xiajian, actually, I really want to go to the door.。
And Dong Xiajian opened a moment in an instant.。
Xu Ruzhen’s tempting of the peach blossoms made him feel。
In his eyes, Xu Ru is in some ways, it is better than Qin Su.。
Xu Ruzhen’s beauty is the maturity,Rhyme,At first glance is the kind of peach that is about to be ripe,If you see a kind of meeting, you can’t help but bite the impulse.。
And Qin Su Ya is the kind of red apple that is about to be ripe.,Have a combination of green and mature,But in general, it is a pure。
Xu Ruzhen also saw Dong Xiaojian’s unscrupulous eyes and continued to sweep away.,When it is frowned。
“breeze,This is your friend?”
“Forehead,Countless,Yunjie,I will send you back first.。”
Xu Ru is listened to this,When you look at Dong Xiaojian even,Go directly to your car。
Then quickly drive out。
Walk away Xu Ruzhen,Li Hui is also a long-awaited,He feels that the other party will continue to stay here.,He will definitely can’t help but want to happen.。
Because this woman is too charming,That mature charm makes people can’t help but want to fall in。
“Li brothers,Who is it just now??
I found that Li Brothers simply around the beautiful woman.,Every time I see Li Brothers.,Li brothers will always have beautiful women.。”
Facing Dong Xiajian’s question,Li Hui is too lazy to answer。
“Looking for me to cure or tell you that so-called film and television talent?
If I find a movie talent, I can only say it.,Of course, if you have a disease, you have to wait for me.,I have to prepare。”
“Treat,Treat,Of course, I will find Li Brothers to treat diseases.,Li brothers, you can rest assured,Just give me a good,Whether your orchard propaganda is still your village,I have given you out.。”
Li Hui is not intended to be in the other party.,After all, he has a confidence of his apple peach and pears are sold.。
Well-propaganda,But word of mouth is really good.。
“All right,You do it well.,I will show it to you.。”
Li Hui Feng made the other party waiting for him in the yard.,And he is directly entering the house to find a embroidered needle of his own mom.。
Dong Xiajian has some can’t understand the operation of Li.。
“Li brothers,Do you have a embroidery needle??”
Give you disease?
I need to give you a needle.,A needle should be effective。”
Heard this,Dong Xiajian is completely unclear.。