Xue Fu is even more angry,But look at the security guards watching,After all, I still dare not do it here,About to swear,Suddenly a voice rang。

“Xue Fu,what do you mean?My friend you can scold。”
Xue Fu looked back,I saw a middle-aged man in his thirties。
“ancient……General Gu,I……I don’t know he is your friend,If you know,I will not offend。”
Now Xue Fu won’t attend the auction anymore,Ran away dingy。
“Brother Gu,Why is Xue Fu so afraid of you??”
Gu Hua helped the black-framed glasses and said with a smile:“He is not afraid of me,I’m afraid of the right in my hands……Apart from opening an antique shop,Still a director of a large supermarket,This Xue Fu is also a supplier of fresh fruits,I can let the supermarket kick him out with a word。
correct,How can you have a gap with someone like him?”
“This is a long story,I’ll talk to you slowly from now on……The auction is about to start,Let’s go in first。”
“it is good。”
Chen Xiu and Gu Hua took a few steps,Ran back to pat the security guard’s shoulder and said:“brothers,If you can’t stay here, come to Antique Street to find me。”
In the hall,There are glass showcases everywhere,For people to visit the exhibition。
This auction is no worse than the auction where Qin Zhi took Chen Xiu last time.,Many buyers present, Chen Xiu, also met at the last auction,Are big buyers。
of course,But Chen Xiu is still unknown,Others don’t have any impression of him。