Skin experts: 5 ways to get rid of blackheads_1

Skin experts: 5 ways to get rid of blackheads

If you want to remove blackheads without making your pores bigger, no matter what method you use, it is best to steam the noodles beforehand to make the pores open naturally. In addition to replacing toxins, it also helps to clean.

After removing the blackheads, it is best to apply frozen distilled water or toner to the nose and T-shaped parts. In addition to calming the skin, it can also shrink pores.

  Secret recipe 1: Honey water and honey facial cleanser The skin quickly becomes smooth and smooth. Buy a bottle of honey. When you wash your face every day, pick a little and use it in the facial cleanser to wash your face. Stick to drinking honey water every morning and evening.It’s thin and slippery.

  Secret recipe 2: Tomato with lemon for blackheads, acne is particularly effective in mashing tomatoes and lemon slices, add flour and stir evenly, apply and wash off for about 30 minutes.

It can remove aging cells and deeply clean the skin. It is especially effective for blackheads, acne and oily skin, as well as whitening and calming effects.

  Recipe 3: Eggshell film Remove the film from the eggshell and attach it to the nose, smooth it out, and then dry it with a small hair dryer, and then take it off tightly.

Repeating this twice will not only eliminate blackheads but also shrink pores.

  Secret recipe 4: Salt and milk to blackhead 4 each time?
5 drops of milk mixed with salt, start massaging the face when the salt is semi-dissolved (not too hard), and wash off with water after half a minute (note that the time should not be too long).

In order to let the skin secrete clean oil again and protect the skin, do not rub anything on the washed skin after washing.

  Recipe 5: Pearl powder can remove aging cuticles and blackheads1.

Buy high-quality oral pearl powder in a pharmacy; 2.

Take an appropriate amount of pearl powder and add it to a small dish. Add an appropriate amount of water to a paste; 膏 3.

Apply the adjusted pearl powder evenly on both ends; 4.

Massage the face until the pearl powder on the whole body is dry, and then wash the face with water; 5,

Available twice a week, it can remove aging horny and blackheads well.