Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled City Volunteers (Beijing) held a swearing meeting

Original title: Have a hard work for Beijing Winter Olympics (Reporter Lejia) "in the face of demand, active action, striving for the frontier of the new era, leaders, giving the motherland, adding color to the capital." Yesterday In the afternoon, in the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Beijing High-speed Railway Qinghe Station, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disappearance City Volunteers (Beijing) Swearing Conference held.

The Minister of the Municipal Party Committee, the Minister of Propaganda, and the Volunteer Command commanded the banner to the city volunteer representative. The oath ceremony played the "urban volunteers to the future" propaganda film by the Winter Olympics City volunteers, and opened the hot procurement of the city volunteers to the Winter Olympics. On behalf of the Winter Olympics, Beijing TV Station presided over the "Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled City Volunteers (Beijing) Proposal", calling on the majority of volunteers to carry forward the "Dedicated love mutual help progress" Volunteer spirit, based on the new era, show new as, contribute youth for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The relevant person in charge of the city volunteers, and the relevant person in charge of the user expressed the determination to make the city volunteer service in the best state, the best image with the best state.

  The Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and the Volunteer Command Executive Command Li Jun will release the Winter Olympics City volunteer logo system "Congress Dream".

The elements of the peace pigeons, palms, love, flames, snowflakes, symbolize the pigeons of friendship, helping the hand, the heart, and the road to the light is ready to go. The logo system will apply in urban volunteer service sites, volunteer clothing, volunteer certificates, and help via volunteers to participate in Winter Olympics in the most full state.

"The smile of volunteers will be the warmest scenery of the streets in Beijing." Li Jun said.

  After that, the leadership leaders in the Winter Olympics City volunteers, volunteers, urban volunteers, volunteers, key community volunteers, disabled services volunteers, civilized traffic volunteers, news The seven major urban volunteers such as the central volunteers, marked the city’s volunteer services, officially entered the Beijing Winter Olympics sprint cycle, all areas of the city, various systems, all unit volunteer service organizations and vast volunteers will focus on winter Olympics To carry out colorful volunteer service activities, all the people will meet the climax of Beijing Winter Olympics. The Volunteer Command Command Mo Changyi encourages the vast volunteers to vigorously promote the spirit of volunteering, talk to the future, tell the Chinese story, show the capital style, continue to polish the capital volunteer service "gold medal"; cherish this opportunity, firm Establish a sense of responsibility, safety awareness, and effectively be a good "host" and "image ambassador"; make full use of Winter Olympics to expand the knowledge, combine Dong’ao knowledge and practice work, and improve its overall quality; Broadcasting friendship, with the hard-working service skills, becoming a display window for the excellent culture of the Chinese nation. "Let’s come together, meet the world-famous ice and snow event, meet the unique ‘Shuang Olympic City’, contribute volunteers for the ‘minimal, safe, wonderful’ Beijing Winter Olympics." Photograph / reporter Yuan Yi (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.